Photographed by Jervy Santiago

Artist's Bio

My fascination and love for make-up really started at a very young age. As a child I would often sit in wonder, as my mom would get ready for evenings out with my dad. I would watch her as she would carefully put her make-up on and place her rollers in her hair. I enjoyed seeing the transformation happen before my very eyes. I often got in trouble as I would sneak in her dressing room and play with her makeup. She would often end up seeing her lipsticks broken in half and eye shadows crushed.

As a professional I have been doing make-up since 2005. I first got my basic training here in Manila, then I ventured in to the industry by working as an assistant makeup artist for shoots and T.V. commercials. After 2 ½ years my thirst for knowledge brought me to the United States for further training where I was able to hone my craft. Today I work closely with brides in creating their look for their special day. I find my fulfillment and joy as an artist when I am collaborating with brides to be. I also do other projects where I find more creative freedom.  Working with talented photographers, hairstylist, models and stylist make me love what I do. I have a passion for make-up, and I have a passion for beauty...